New Sites

Posted on June 8th, 2011


We're stepping things up a gear here at istfHQ and delving into the wonderful (and frankly confusing) world of new websites. 

We've felt the old one doesn't especially reflect who we are and what we're doing now, two years down the line, so we've 

jumped ship to the guys at limitedpressing for all our hosting needs. 


What this means is that over the next couple weeks we'll be updating everything, which may mean certain pages etc may be unavailable. For the most up to date news focus your eyes on our facebook page. During this switch around our old bigcartel store will remain fully operational if you'd like to place an order, afterwards however the new site will be the central hub for all things istf, we'll still have fb, twitter and out blog but all news, info on your fave istf bands and our store will be available at either or .com 


We hope that during this switch you'll be able to find all you need and are not too affected by amateur html-ers like us losing pages and redirecting you everywhere but our site, it won't take us too long we promise and it'll be worth the wait!


wish us luck.