Andy Oliveri - A Heart That Sings Can Never Bleed

Posted on October 23rd, 2012

Andy Oliveri releases his latest single, a stripped down follow up to debut EP ‘Sing Mercy’ on 5th November 2012 through Cheltenham based indie-folk label istartedthefire records. Taking the form of a beautifully crafted heavyweight 7” (limited to 250 copies) and digital download the single boasts a many-hued spectrum of lyrical themes atop a cushion of intense sentiment, maturity and captivating character.

Growing up reading the lyrics and liner notes of dusty old records have left Andy Oliveri nothing but a storyteller. Echoing the spirit of Neil Young and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, he writes simple folk songs with his heart on his sleeve and words from a bared soul. Evident in the stripped back arrangements of these tracks ‘a heart that sings can never bleed’ and ‘She bets on wild horses’, the fragility in his voice and guitar allow the songs to breathe, with no overblown arrangements to mask the sentiment. His 5 track debut also included fan favorites ‘Marching Bands’ ‘The Fear I’ve Known’ and ‘Yellow Balloon’ these songs assuming fuller arrangements, complete with Oliveri’s endearing charm he was joined by band-mate Romy Quinnen, and fellow istartedthefire family members Boat to Row. 

Delightfully captured live in one summer evening this single stands a testament to great musicianship and feeling in favour of modern day studio trickery.

Listen to Andy's new single here