Jim Lockey - I'll Be Neon ISTFCD01


Solo debut from Lockey.
“I’LL BE NEON” charts a young man’s idealisations in his relationships with friends, his loves and losses, his values and politics. From a bed of warm country rhythms and contemporary synthetic instrumentation, Jim’s engaging narratives and frank commentary on local life and the escapism of outside offer a new face to british folk music in 2008.


  1. Luxembourg
  2. Cardia Carr est 1985
  3. City Lights and the Commercial Riot
  4. Parties of Aragon
  5. Swimming less a lifebelt
  6. Tokyo
  7. Building trees with cable roots
  8. I'll Be Neon
  9. Happy Birthday Cunt
  10. Coloured Cars
  11. Jen

Pressing Information

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